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As you probably didn’t know, my blog is entitled: thisneverland, a seventeen-year-old’s perspective on life and that second star to the right... Now I realize that most people probably don’t care a hoot about what a seventeen year old thinks. Therefore, (and also because I feel that a focused blog will probably be better) I am brainstorming ideas either about a new blog, or about ways to change thisneverland, or both. Probably both.

And just as a heads up (because maybe somebody possibly might (and I say ‘might’ in a really high-pitched voice) have an interest in bettering their lives, improving their relationships, paying off debt, and securing their future, I am going to be writing about my experience this past weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. This is going to include lots of amazing real-life stories that you need to hear so make sure to check back!

For now, you can go to and get a taste of what I was learning.

P.S. Did you know that ‘blog’ stood for web-log?

It took me a while folks! But I have finally learned the name of this thing I’m writing here.

P.P.S. (post post script) here’s the link to and  in case you’re having a wedding-low! Or if you’re a guy who likes either funny things or harry potter OR Paramore, you can go here: or

Have an awesome weekend!

Love Always,



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