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Japan (Again)

I’m in Japan. I leave in three days. I’m doing one of those ‘I have no time and I’m panicking so I’m not going to think about it by wasting the time I don’t have’ things by making another blog. It’s not really going that well so I gave up for a second. Time to brave the Japanese winter and go for a walk with the siblings. I learned the Japanese word for walk today. It’s sanpo. Yay. I become more and more cultured by the day.


I miss our little white house on Magnolia Street.


Pumpkin muffins to the person who can guess how many ‘I’s were in this post.


Say: O’nara

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Too. Much.

Too. Much.

So the start up of this neverland was my first blog fail as far as staying consistent goes, but I’m not giving up yet. From February onward of this year, my life has turned a little topsy turvy. I don’t feel like the same seventeen year old girl who started this blog. For one thing, I’m eighteen now–a legal adult. For another, I’m in college, a full-time student at Pepperdine University and a part-time team member at Jamba Juice; and the four members of my immediate family have made their home all the way across the Pacific Ocean on a little island most people call Japan. I think it’s time I probably start a new blog, more pertinent to my stage in life–any chance of neverland is gone I think. I’ve grown up now and I have to face grown up challenges and consequences. It’s a scary world. Sometimes it all feels like too much. For now, I’m going to hold on to what I know is true–nothing is too much for God.

Now it’s just a matter of holding onto him. Prayers welcome.

Also, here’s the link to my mom’s Japan blog: My family would love your support as they share God’s word in Japan (:

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