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Too. Much.

Too. Much.

So the start up of this neverland was my first blog fail as far as staying consistent goes, but I’m not giving up yet. From February onward of this year, my life has turned a little topsy turvy. I don’t feel like the same seventeen year old girl who started this blog. For one thing, I’m eighteen now–a legal adult. For another, I’m in college, a full-time student at Pepperdine University and a part-time team member at Jamba Juice; and the four members of my immediate family have made their home all the way across the Pacific Ocean on a little island most people call Japan. I think it’s time I probably start a new blog, more pertinent to my stage in life–any chance of neverland is gone I think. I’ve grown up now and I have to face grown up challenges and consequences. It’s a scary world. Sometimes it all feels like too much. For now, I’m going to hold on to what I know is true–nothing is too much for God.

Now it’s just a matter of holding onto him. Prayers welcome.

Also, here’s the link to my mom’s Japan blog: My family would love your support as they share God’s word in Japan (:

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That Second Star to the Right

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a VERY long time, and I finally took the plunge after my good friend Nicole started one of her own (–she takes some awesome pics and is an all around amazing person, so check out her blog!) I’m realizing now that I also started this blog because of an article I read that made me very angry:

It was about how teens basically write crap and are too young to know much about anything. Ugh. Adults. (No but seriously, John Scalzi really needs to read the bible more often–hello? 1Timothy 4:12??)

Anyways, if you were sadly uncertain as to the reason of my blog title, this neverland, it is an allusion to that far off place that is Peter Pan’s home–a fascinating and magical place where you never grow up. I know most of us can relate to being afraid of change, and what with college application deadlines coming around the corner, high school seniors are especially prone to thoughts of hiding–or at least, I am… It’s not that I’m not excited about the change, it’s just that life is the hardest it’s ever been, and sometimes I wish there was someplace I could go to not think about it all, you know?

Everyone has a ‘neverland’, a place where they go to get away from the world, and I’m hoping that this blog can be that to some people, a place to get away from the world and all the voices telling us what we can’t do and why we can’t do it. This neverland isn’t here as a way of diversion (though I do hope you have a laugh and enjoy yourself while exploring the blog), it’s here as a way for people to help each other figure life out together, and as a lit pumpkin cupcake candle, to give you a tiny flame of hope in whatever darkness you may face.

So, I thank you ahead of time for reading here, and from my heart I welcome you to fly away with me to           this neverland.

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