October Baby

I love this movie. I love it. If there’s only one good thing that came out of getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed from my head yesterday it’s that I found this movie. I don’t want to steal anything away from you by imparting any details that I absolutely loved but OH MY GOSH I just love this movie too darn much. It’s even better then A Walk to Remember and coming from me, you know this is serious. The acting was great, the story was great, the cinematography just wouldn’t shut me up during the movie (I looked up the type of camera they used and it’s something called a red camera–I’m in love with the cinematography that’s capable because of this camera) I’m not going to tell you what you should do right now, but I think you know…<3 ❤ ❤

(Directed and written by Jon and Andrew Erwin, also written by Cecil Strokes and Theresa Preston; Actors: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burke, Jasmine Guy, John Schneider)

Also, today was a good day (: It was truly a Sabbath and that’s something I haven’t had in a very long time. I went outside to write with chalk with Hope, ended up playinng catch with Drew and dancing to the rap music from the car passing by, and I got to catch up with my non-blood brother, Keith and hear Raven’s voice, and look up at the clouds. Now I get to go rent another movie–God’s blessings are raining down on me today (:


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Happy Birthday Momma!

Today, my mom turns another year older (due to the wishes of some involved parties I cannot disclose her age)! Suffice it to say that she is still really young (: Anyway, I thought I’d write a quick post  to let everyone know how much I love her and am grateful for all she has done and continues to do. She is truly an amazing woman with a heart for God and heart for others. She makes jokes that aren’t funny and laughs at them. She falls asleep and has to call it a night for every movie we watch. She loves to go to the library almost as much as I do. She bakes sweets out of the blue. She lets me wear her clothes. And when I tell her that I really want a smoothie, she comes back from picking up Drew and hands one to me. Of course, she also works hard, cooks, cleans, chauffeurs, nurses, and counsels, but the previous qualities are just some things that make her my mom.

I haven’t honored and cherished her nearly enough, but I love her. And I hope that she knows it.


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I am so tired! But I didn’t want to title this post, ‘Tired’, cause that’s boring, so I looked up synonyms for tired and was drawn to two of them–‘pooped out’ and ‘taxed’. Since I’m not really in a light-hearted mood and because I just watched the second round of the presidential debates today, here I am, taxed. Here’s praying that my four hour shift at Bed Bath and Beyond flies like a hummingbird (:Oh and about the debates, my question is how exactly either of the two believe we’re going to come back from this 16 trillion dollar debt…and what exactly are we going to do when China comes with its ginormous army and takes over the country?…But anyways…

On a more fun topic, tomorrow’s my mom’s birthday (: and I was enamored by a wedding on stylemepretty today (: Also, I’m almost finished with this book, So You’re a Kingdom Kid; it’s been great. Now I need to start being journalistic for a grade–and write that article on Family Promise (a non-profit organization). So. Taxed. But whatever. Life happens right? My room’s a mess. I’ve got a ton of schoolwork. I probably won’t finish my college apps in time for early action. I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out on saturday (that is, only if my work will give me the time off). I’ve got zits. I feel fat. I miss my friends. My dad and I got in a mini argument. But I’m going to follow my own advice to my dear friend Olivia and I’m going to choose my attitude. I’m choosing right now to trust God, and be joyful anyway (while I listen to Jayme Dee’s cover of the song Cooler Than Me (: )

This is Megan on her wedding day (: Someday I’m going to look like this.

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Okay, so a couple things:

My mom did one of those, ‘Oh that book looks interesting, I’ll pick it up and see if it’s any good’ book picks at the library the other day and now I’m on like page 53 or something. It’s called Weird by Craig Groeschel. It’s awesome. You need to read it. I’m going to google image it and see if I can add it to the post.

I tried to write a quick post a couple days ago about this documentary I watched with my parents called, Tapped, but I was having technological issues. Boo. It’s about bottled water and the big companies that you thought were rich because of their chocolate (Nestle) and coke (Coca Cola), but are really rich from taking free water, not cleaning it, putting it in bottles that leech harmful chemicals that cause cancer and death into the water, making everybody think that it’s somehow cleaner than the strictly regulated and tested tap water, and then selling it for a bajillion times the price they produced it for. You have to watch it. You also have to watch Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Waiting for Superman, and this 9/11 one I watched years ago. Documentaries inspire awe in me. I want to make one someday soon.

I ‘hung out'(I really hate the phrase, but I don’t know how else to say it without sounding proper) with most of my Turning Point senior friends yesterday night–Oh how I miss them and enjoy their company!

Okay, now back to using my time wisely.

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That Second Star to the Right

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a VERY long time, and I finally took the plunge after my good friend Nicole started one of her own (–she takes some awesome pics and is an all around amazing person, so check out her blog!) I’m realizing now that I also started this blog because of an article I read that made me very angry:

It was about how teens basically write crap and are too young to know much about anything. Ugh. Adults. (No but seriously, John Scalzi really needs to read the bible more often–hello? 1Timothy 4:12??)

Anyways, if you were sadly uncertain as to the reason of my blog title, this neverland, it is an allusion to that far off place that is Peter Pan’s home–a fascinating and magical place where you never grow up. I know most of us can relate to being afraid of change, and what with college application deadlines coming around the corner, high school seniors are especially prone to thoughts of hiding–or at least, I am… It’s not that I’m not excited about the change, it’s just that life is the hardest it’s ever been, and sometimes I wish there was someplace I could go to not think about it all, you know?

Everyone has a ‘neverland’, a place where they go to get away from the world, and I’m hoping that this blog can be that to some people, a place to get away from the world and all the voices telling us what we can’t do and why we can’t do it. This neverland isn’t here as a way of diversion (though I do hope you have a laugh and enjoy yourself while exploring the blog), it’s here as a way for people to help each other figure life out together, and as a lit pumpkin cupcake candle, to give you a tiny flame of hope in whatever darkness you may face.

So, I thank you ahead of time for reading here, and from my heart I welcome you to fly away with me to           this neverland.

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