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Japan (Again)

I’m in Japan. I leave in three days. I’m doing one of those ‘I have no time and I’m panicking so I’m not going to think about it by wasting the time I don’t have’ things by making another blog. It’s not really going that well so I gave up for a second. Time to brave the Japanese winter and go for a walk with the siblings. I learned the Japanese word for walk today. It’s sanpo. Yay. I become more and more cultured by the day.


I miss our little white house on Magnolia Street.


Pumpkin muffins to the person who can guess how many ‘I’s were in this post.


Say: O’nara

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Oh Ellen.

ellen-katy-jpg_022624[1] We all know that Ellen De Generes is a comedian. And this means that she does and says a lot of funny things. This picture,  however, is one of my favorite ellen moments.

There was a dress code at the Grammy’s this year! No butts and minimum cleavage! Katy Perry missed the memo…which brings us to the hilarious look on Ellen’s face as she stares at Katy’s boobs and Portia standing there thinking, ‘Oh my God. This is my wife staring at Katy Perry’s boobs right now with the look on her face like she just stepped in dog poop’

Oh Ellen.


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rain will make the flowers grow

A Little Fall of Rain 2012

A Little Fall of Rain 2012 (samantha barks and eddie redmayne ❤ )

I just had to save this song somewhere because it’s basically my favorite scene from Les Mis and it’s not on the soundtrack! If you haven’t scene Les Mis, now’s your chance.

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