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Too. Much.

Too. Much.

So the start up of this neverland was my first blog fail as far as staying consistent goes, but I’m not giving up yet. From February onward of this year, my life has turned a little topsy turvy. I don’t feel like the same seventeen year old girl who started this blog. For one thing, I’m eighteen now–a legal adult. For another, I’m in college, a full-time student at Pepperdine University and a part-time team member at Jamba Juice; and the four members of my immediate family have made their home all the way across the Pacific Ocean on a little island most people call Japan. I think it’s time I probably start a new blog, more pertinent to my stage in life–any chance of neverland is gone I think. I’ve grown up now and I have to face grown up challenges and consequences. It’s a scary world. Sometimes it all feels like too much. For now, I’m going to hold on to what I know is true–nothing is too much for God.

Now it’s just a matter of holding onto him. Prayers welcome.

Also, here’s the link to my mom’s Japan blog: My family would love your support as they share God’s word in Japan (:

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As you probably didn’t know, my blog is entitled: thisneverland, a seventeen-year-old’s perspective on life and that second star to the right... Now I realize that most people probably don’t care a hoot about what a seventeen year old thinks. Therefore, (and also because I feel that a focused blog will probably be better) I am brainstorming ideas either about a new blog, or about ways to change thisneverland, or both. Probably both.

And just as a heads up (because maybe somebody possibly might (and I say ‘might’ in a really high-pitched voice) have an interest in bettering their lives, improving their relationships, paying off debt, and securing their future, I am going to be writing about my experience this past weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. This is going to include lots of amazing real-life stories that you need to hear so make sure to check back!

For now, you can go to and get a taste of what I was learning.

P.S. Did you know that ‘blog’ stood for web-log?

It took me a while folks! But I have finally learned the name of this thing I’m writing here.

P.P.S. (post post script) here’s the link to and  in case you’re having a wedding-low! Or if you’re a guy who likes either funny things or harry potter OR Paramore, you can go here: or

Have an awesome weekend!

Love Always,



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I am so tired! But I didn’t want to title this post, ‘Tired’, cause that’s boring, so I looked up synonyms for tired and was drawn to two of them–‘pooped out’ and ‘taxed’. Since I’m not really in a light-hearted mood and because I just watched the second round of the presidential debates today, here I am, taxed. Here’s praying that my four hour shift at Bed Bath and Beyond flies like a hummingbird (:Oh and about the debates, my question is how exactly either of the two believe we’re going to come back from this 16 trillion dollar debt…and what exactly are we going to do when China comes with its ginormous army and takes over the country?…But anyways…

On a more fun topic, tomorrow’s my mom’s birthday (: and I was enamored by a wedding on stylemepretty today (: Also, I’m almost finished with this book, So You’re a Kingdom Kid; it’s been great. Now I need to start being journalistic for a grade–and write that article on Family Promise (a non-profit organization). So. Taxed. But whatever. Life happens right? My room’s a mess. I’ve got a ton of schoolwork. I probably won’t finish my college apps in time for early action. I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out on saturday (that is, only if my work will give me the time off). I’ve got zits. I feel fat. I miss my friends. My dad and I got in a mini argument. But I’m going to follow my own advice to my dear friend Olivia and I’m going to choose my attitude. I’m choosing right now to trust God, and be joyful anyway (while I listen to Jayme Dee’s cover of the song Cooler Than Me (: )

This is Megan on her wedding day (: Someday I’m going to look like this.

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