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Practice Cactus Seuss Moose

brenb_books_02[1]More from Bounce, by Matthew Syed:

Before Dr. Seuss, or as he was known then, Ted, went to sleep at night, his mother would sing him and his sister rhyming songs. So all through the night, Ted was dreaming in rhymes. (Me=Mindblown) Also, he was never seen without a pencil in his hand.

Immerse yourself in your craft people.

Let it be with you as you eat your cereal in the morning, as you drive to work each day, and as you fall asleep at night.

What has been sown into your craft is what you will reap.


10,000 hours

10,000 hours

My mom is reading this book called Bounce by Matthew Syed (who’s this amacrible(amazing/incredible) olympian table tennis player and other stuff but just go with me on this)  and it’s pretty amazing. I think my mom and I make a great reading team. We could be world famous and travel the world in an attempt to become the world’s most well-read mom and daughter. Ever. She’d read the non-fiction and I’d read the fiction and maybe every spring break or so we’d switch genres for a week.

Anyways, the whole reason I’m here is because mom read in her non-fiction book that it’s scientifically proven that it takes about ten years (about a thousand hours a year) of practice to become a professional at something. We all know that practice makes perfect but, no really. And it’s been found that it is ONLY the practice that makes people good. They weren’t born with innate talent. They aren’t unusually blessed. They practiced. Child prodigies? Practice. Yeah, sure their parents probably beat them and made them go without food if they didn’t keep they’re squishy little hand on those piano keys. Sure they’re probably a little emotionally…in need of healing. But what I want you to get out of this, is that in ten years, you could be anything you want to be. Anything. Now I don’t know what it is that calls to your heart, that maybe, you’ve never pursued because you don’t think your any good, but I do know, that if you practice and you learn with a humble and teachable heart, you will succeed.

Keep me accountable guys–this is my list of things I’m going to do/become:

  • a successful published author
  • a pianist and song writer
  • how to dance (now this is a huge one for me because right now I suck and I’ve been telling myself I suck for about three years)

I’m taking a accelerated shot at this writing thing over the next twenty or so days (: (That’s when I turn EIGHTEEN!!!!) And of course I’m gonna keep writing until I’m a pro. Leggo!…Okay I give up being hip or ghetto or whatever: Lets GO!

P.S. I just finished a fiction book called Paper Towns by John Green and it was pretty good. I read it in a single yesterday.


October Baby

I love this movie. I love it. If there’s only one good thing that came out of getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed from my head yesterday it’s that I found this movie. I don’t want to steal anything away from you by imparting any details that I absolutely loved but OH MY GOSH I just love this movie too darn much. It’s even better then A Walk to Remember and coming from me, you know this is serious. The acting was great, the story was great, the cinematography just wouldn’t shut me up during the movie (I looked up the type of camera they used and it’s something called a red camera–I’m in love with the cinematography that’s capable because of this camera) I’m not going to tell you what you should do right now, but I think you know…<3 ❤ ❤

(Directed and written by Jon and Andrew Erwin, also written by Cecil Strokes and Theresa Preston; Actors: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burke, Jasmine Guy, John Schneider)

Also, today was a good day (: It was truly a Sabbath and that’s something I haven’t had in a very long time. I went outside to write with chalk with Hope, ended up playinng catch with Drew and dancing to the rap music from the car passing by, and I got to catch up with my non-blood brother, Keith and hear Raven’s voice, and look up at the clouds. Now I get to go rent another movie–God’s blessings are raining down on me today (:


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