This Neverland is a blog about life, and the daily struggles that make us all just want to fly away, and the daily blessings that make us want to stay. It’s also about cookies, college, candles, contemporary writing, music, friends, God, and…my crazy wedding obsession (: It’s written by me.

My full name is Sara Aneko Kimura and I am seventeen years old. I’m half Japanese, a quarter Puerto Rican, and a quarter everything else (dutch, mexican, black etc.). I live in sunny southern california with my younger brother, sister, and parents. I’m a senior at an online high school with a part-time job at Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, I am part of a writing program called Writegirl and a part of my church’s youth ministry. While I secretly want to become an actress, my well-known passions are writing (novels, screenplays, poetry, song lyrics, non-fiction etc.) and helping people. I hope to rescue two birds with one phone through this blog (;

That’s not all though–this neverland is also about you, about your life, your struggles, your victories, your hopes, your dreams, so leave a comment or two and let me know if you want to write a post yourself. I am here to listen, so don’t be shy. With that I welcome you to join me as I fly away to this neverland.

*****Enjoy your flight*****

Jumping on my hotel bed in San Antonio–photo credit to Leah Frantz


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