17 Oct

I am so tired! But I didn’t want to title this post, ‘Tired’, cause that’s boring, so I looked up synonyms for tired and was drawn to two of them–‘pooped out’ and ‘taxed’. Since I’m not really in a light-hearted mood and because I just watched the second round of the presidential debates today, here I am, taxed. Here’s praying that my four hour shift at Bed Bath and Beyond flies like a hummingbird (:Oh and about the debates, my question is how exactly either of the two believe we’re going to come back from this 16 trillion dollar debt…and what exactly are we going to do when China comes with its ginormous army and takes over the country?…But anyways…

On a more fun topic, tomorrow’s my mom’s birthday (: and I was enamored by a wedding on stylemepretty today (: Also, I’m almost finished with this book, So You’re a Kingdom Kid; it’s been great. Now I need to start being journalistic for a grade–and write that article on Family Promise (a non-profit organization). So. Taxed. But whatever. Life happens right? My room’s a mess. I’ve got a ton of schoolwork. I probably won’t finish my college apps in time for early action. I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out on saturday (that is, only if my work will give me the time off). I’ve got zits. I feel fat. I miss my friends. My dad and I got in a mini argument. But I’m going to follow my own advice to my dear friend Olivia and I’m going to choose my attitude. I’m choosing right now to trust God, and be joyful anyway (while I listen to Jayme Dee’s cover of the song Cooler Than Me (: )

This is Megan on her wedding day (: Someday I’m going to look like this.

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